Plus Size Model Ashley Graham Seems to Have Lost a Bit of Weight and Her Fans Are Pissed Off About It

Ashley Graham looks great. Don’t believe me?

Wow, I’m blown away. That is a sexy woman. Aparently her fans aren’t happy about this picture, which is… odd, since they’re her fans, right? Even odder is the reason they’re not happy, which is that she appears to have lost a little bit of weight. I mean, good for her, right?

Apparently not good for her. Hollywood Life trudged through the comments on her post and here’s what they found.

The 30-year-old stunner shared the pics of her dress on Instagram and immediately fans noticed that she appeared to have lost a lot of weight. The comments loaded up with people claiming she no longer looked like a plus sized model. One fan wrote, “she isn’t plus size anymore in this picture she looks super skinny only like a curvy girl, but not a plus size.” Another asked her, “R u still a plus size model?” One fan wrote “U lose weight whyyyy?! “”So she finally decided to join the main stream and wanna become thin. Isn’t she proud of her plus size anymore?” another questioned

I looked and found even more negative comments. “Just another pretty face. She has nothing special now… Too thin to be plus size and too fat to be a super model. Just ordinary girl.” That comment was 100% left by someone with a fat fetish who wants to pay her to eat ice cream on a webcam. And that brings me to the other thing I saw in her Instagram comments. Thirst. So much thirst. A desert of thirsty dudes and ladies. Way more thirsty people than people talking about her potential weight loss.

She hasn’t even mentioned that she lost any weight, it could just be the way the dress is cut or she put on a pair of Spanx for a photo shoot. She’s a little chubby with a big ass, she was never like, super fat. She’s always been thin enough that she could totally play Kevin James’ wife in a multi-camera sitcom.

Honestly, I’m feeling a little thirsty now, too.

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