Following Chris Evans and Cardi B, Ashley Graham Drops Nude Selfie on Instagram

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Posting yourself naked on social media is all the rage with celebrities these days. I guess Ashley Graham didn’t want to be left out of the attention Chris Evans and Cardi B were getting, because she also posted a nude picture to Instagram, although she did it on purpose.

You know, it’s never great when you pose naked and the headlines call it “empowering.” It’s an interesting time period where the more conventionally attractive someone is the meaner people are to them when they get naked.

I don’t even think Graham is that big, she’s a little thick but she still basically has the same body type as Marilyn Monroe.

Page Six highlighted a few celebrity responses, such as Emily Ratajkowski saying “Beauty girl,” which is probably to be expected because they’re friends but also, I don’t comment like that on my friends’ half-naked selfies on social media.

I mean, I am glad Graham feels comfortable posting naked photos of herself on Instagram, I just hope she takes a step back and puts her arms behind her head next time. After the last few weeks, I almost expect her to “accidentally” post that picture next.

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