Zayn Malik Slept With a 41-Year-Old Former Burlesque Dancer While on Break From Gigi Hadid

What does Zayn Malik have in common with David Schwimmer? They both have to repeatedly tell their much more attractive partners that they were on a break when they slept with someone else. In Zayn’s case, he had a thing with a 41-year-old masseuse and former burlesque dancer named Enrica Petrongari.

Italian Enrica told The Sun on Sunday: “Zayn could get any girl he wants and he was with Gigi, who is obviously incredibly beautiful.

“So I was pretty surprised when he focused his attention on me — a 41-year-old woman with curves.

“He told me he liked girls with big asses. He made me feel special. But after a while I realised that he was just using me.”

Yes, I’m sure that’s how it happened. The young, hot rich guy was using the chubby middle-aged woman for sex. I mean, he probably was, but let’s not pretend this wasn’t a two-way street using people for sex wise.

Enrica said: “He told me he didn’t care about the massages anymore — he just wanted me here. We had a lot of fun.

“But afterwards he would appear rude and disinterested. We never really just hung out together.”

What was she expecting to happen after the booty call was over? No one wants to hang out when they’re post-coital unless they want an actual relationship.

Anyway, Zayn didn’t even dump her because he was bored of her, it was because she was taking pictures of herself in his apartment and posting them on Instagram (though they were later taken down). And it was probably time to get back together with his beautiful supermodel serious girlfriend now that he had fulfilled his high school fantasy of banging his friend’s hot mom.

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