Ashley Graham Tries Out A Horrifying Duct Tape Bra

Poor Ashley Graham. Hearing about this account just caused me to cringe with second-hand pain and involuntarily clutch at my own chest. Model Ashley Graham decided to take a cue out of Kim Kardashian and Cardi B.’s fashion game plan by trying a cleavage-enhancing technique…duct tape.

The trick presumably is that in place of a regular bra or built-in cups, you are supposed to tape up your breasts for a perkier look. This is something I’m just learning about, but apparently, Kim Kardashian is an old pro at pulling this off. I’ve never heard of this before, so either I am significantly out of the loop, or this is a method that speaks mainly to particularly well-endowed women.

But still, duct tape on your breasts? This is the same stuff you use when you’re trying to do an amateur quick fix for a leaky pipe. Generally speaking, I would think that something that’s used for home repair shouldn’t be attached to your skin. The thought of tearing industrial strength tape off my skin just gives me the willies.

Well, evidently, I have a pretty good imagination because Ashley Graham just discovered the horror of having to remove an excessive amount of duct tape off her bare breasts. And it was excruciating to look at:

Ouch, send help, indeed. I just hope Ashley Graham ultimately managed to get out of that boob trap with the skin on her chest still in tact.

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