Former Bachelorette Andi Dorfman Wants To Become The New Carrie Bradshaw

Bachelor franchise fans first know Andi Dorfman for competing on The Bachelor during Juan Pablo Galavis’ season where she ended up dumping the Bachelor for his self-absorbed and creepy behavior. Fans were delighted with Dorfman, and she was chosen to be The Bachelorette for the upcoming season. Fans were thrilled…until they weren’t anymore.

During her reign of The Bachelorette, many fans thought Dorfman made some questionable choices when it came to men. When she was down to her last two suitors, no one cared which one she picked because they were both equally terrible; former MLB player Josh Murray showed signs anger issues, and Nick Viall just came off as skeevy. Because she seems to have a type (athletes), Dorfman chose Murray. They spent the next year or so as fiances doing media tours while looking dead-eyed and miserable the entire time. It was no surprise when the two called off their engagement.

Dorfman at one time was an Assistant District Attorney in Atlanta, an admirable career choice. However, since her stint on The Bachelor franchise, and the subsequent implosion of her engagement, Dorfman shows no signs of returning to the law. Instead, she’s determined to become the new Carrie Bradshaw by moving to New York City and writing tell-all books that border on Regina George-style burn books.

She now seems to spend her days going on casting calls and  filling her nights with clubs, heavy drinking, and hook-ups. Sometimes she even jets to Canada for these hook ups. Keep in mind, Dorfman is currently 31-years-old. The antics that she describes are better suited to a 21-year-old who has just been released into the outside world from from her rural homestead after living in a barn for most of her life. They don’t speak well of a supposedly intelligent, sophisticated, and well-educated woman in her early-30s.

Now, Dorfman has come to the next step in her mission to become the new Sex and The City cosmopolitan woman; she is apparently getting her own scripted TV show. Dorfman says:

“We’re actually turning the second book, Single State of Mind, into a TV show, so it’s not the last you’ll see of it,” she shared. “The lawyer in me is very quick to not say anything, but yeah, we’re getting there.”

Dorfman has assured everyone that she herself will not be acting in the show. Someone else will be playing her.

Sex and The City was a fun show for a lot of viewers back in the day, but most people look back at it and agree that the show hasn’t aged well. I don’t know how well Dorfman’s story is going to play out on screen. Frankly, I think most women of Dorfman’s age group have seen enough of bratty, shallow, thirty-somethings with zero self-awareness for one generation.

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