Go Behind the Scenes of a ‘Sports Illustrated’ Photoshoot With Hailey Clauson

Hailey Clauson is back in this year’s Sport’s Illustrated Swimsuit Issue and she’s given us a peak behind the scenes of this year’s shoot on her Instagram.

Honestly, that was much more entertaining than one of those behind the scenes docs where you just see Jared Leto wandering around pretending to actually be Abraham Lincoln and Scarlett Johansson explaining what she did to land the role of George Washington Carver.

Whenever I think of Hailey Clauson, I always think of the cute story she told Fox News about her grandmother’s reaction to her first appearance in the Swimsuit Issue.

“When I went home to California, my grandma showed me the magazine I was in, even though I had already seen it. She put star stickers all over it. It was really cute.”

But grandma didn’t stop there: According to Clauson, she also ripped out every page that didn’t feature a photo of her granddaughter. (“She’s a funny lady,” adds Hailey.)

I mean, that’s one thing you can do.

I can see why grandma is so proud.

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