Justin Bieber’s Nausea Inducing Pet Name for Hailey Baldwin

We all know that the 24-year-old pop star Justin Beiber got married to 21-year-old model Hailey Baldwin in October (via civil service; they are supposedly planning an upcoming religious ceremony).

I suspect that I’m not alone in my skepticism regarding this union. Reasons being Bieber’s history of erratic and overall shitty behavior, the fact that they married without a prenup, and their notably young ages, the deck is most certainly stacked against these two. The fallout of formerly engaged stars Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande (both twenty-four years old at the time) definitely does nothing to help improve one’s confidence for Bieber and Baldwin’s chances.

However, for the time being (and like most horny early-twentysomethings), Bieber and Baldwin are not at all shy about showing their passion to the world in the most revolting ways possible. As evidenced here by their most recent makeout pic:

Public make-out photos are not uncommon among celebrities and regular folk alike; this is not about the PDA. It’s not even about how utterly douchey Justin Bieber looks in this picture (which he absolutely does, and it is not helping at all). But it’s more about how he refers to his wife: “Hunny buns punkin.”

I have never understood why couples (and more often than not it’s the very young ones) feel the need to refer to each other in the most sickeningly disgusting ways. Or why someone finds it acceptable to be referred to in such a nauseating way. I get that Hailey Baldwin is very young and was brought up in a super religious environment, so maybe cutesy nicknames sound appealing right now. But why can’t this just be a private nickname between the two of you? Seriously, how do you not flinch when someone publicly calls you something as cringe-worthy as “Hunny buns punkin” (I’m not even going to get into the lazy, shitty spelling of this)? Maybe I’m just an unromantic curmudgeon, but this seems enough to make the average human vomit.

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