Some Guy Got His Balls Massaged on British TV

Testicular cancer is no joke. Which is why bringing awareness to the subject is pretty important. Most men don’t even know how to check their balls for cancer even though they fondle their sac at a rate of 9.6 times a day. A considerable amount according to a figure I made up!

Chris Hughes of Love Island, which may be a British reality show about hot singles hooking up, is hoping to bring awareness to men’s balls due to a testicular health scare when he was a kid. It wasn’t cancer but still a condition terrifying for a child. I have no idea what he was talking about when he described it but it was something that I never want happen to my balls.

Chris later mentioned his family tree does have issues with their testes though. Two of his brother’s are infertile while one cousin had testicular cancer. Suffice to say, nut checks are very important to this guy.

That’s why he went on national tv, pulled his sac out of his pants and had old doc massage it to show everyone how to check for irregularities.

Everyone. Stare at this man’s sac and educate yourself!

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4 years ago

4:55 Los huevos.