Ariana Grande Replaced Her Pete Davidson Tattoo With An Ode to Mac Miller

And today, we have yet cautionary tale in why not to get couples tattoos with your significant other. Especially when you’ve been dating the said person for only a few weeks.

Throughout their relationship, Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande have gotten a series of nine tattoos together. Jesus Christ, as if one couples tattoo wasn’t bad enough, what the hell was going through these two’s heads when they decided to get nine fucking tattoos together? Sure, get tattoos together if you want, but if you get tattoos designed especially for the person you’re dating, you’re just fucking asking for a disastrous end to your relationship.

Now that this relationship is kaput, Pete and Ariana are rushing to cover up or redesign their many inks dedicated to each other. In the latest of the many tattoo redos to come, Ariana just got rid of the one she had in memory of Pete Davidson’s father, a firefighter who died in the 9/11 attacks. And how what does she decide to replace it with? A tattoo to commemorate her deceased ex-boyfriend’s dog.

Yes, to disguise one of her poorly thought out tattoos, Ariana decided to get a new one in memory of Mac Miller; most specifically Mac Miller’s dog. I understand that Ariana takes care of her deceased ex’s dog, but it seems that the dog is just a convenient excuse to erase some extremely regrettable ink.

It is going to be more than a little weird when Myron eventually moves on to the big kennel in the sky, and you still have a commemorative tattoo to this fucking dead dog etched into your left foot.

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