Farrah Abraham Claps Back At Bristol Palin, Saying That Should Leave ‘Teen Mom’

Yeah, Farrah Abraham is no gem and not someone to look to for wisdom, but she has a valid point about Bristol Palin’s appearance on Teen Mom. Recently, Bristol Palin complained about MTV making her look bad on Teen Mom, saying that  all they want from her “is some fake fill-in Farrah Abraham/Jerry Springer BS.”

Well, Abraham didn’t keep silent after that slam and came back to throw some shade on Palin:

“I am an amazing mother; I don’t know about her [Bristol]. I hope she makes the best choices for her life. Maybe MTV and maybe Teen Mom isn’t the best choice, so I wish her the best.”

“I think she just wants to be a Farrah Abraham herself, like many of the other women who say they hate me and see the worst in me, but they only wish they could have what I have.”

Somewhere in that vapid, narcissistic drivel is indeed a solid argument. Palin doesn’t belong on a show like Teen Mom and is not remotely equipped to handle how producers will choose to show her. And yes, I’m pretty sure she does have aspirations to be a reality star like Abraham. As much as she claims to despise how MTV is portraying her, she wouldn’t keep agreeing to be on these reality shows if she wasn’t trying to profit from her former teen mom status.

Farrah Abraham is no one’s favorite person, but she seems to be the person that every person on Teen Mom wants to be.  Since being on Sixteen and Pregnant and Teen Mom, Abraham has profited considerably from being a young mother, much to the complete and utter disgust of society. She’s had several stints on various reality shows (i.e., Couples Therapy and Big Brother), all the plastic surgery she wants, two sex tapes, and a lucrative job in an Austin strip club.

It’s nauseating to know that Farrah Abraham is what our civilization has produced, but her notoriety is probably up there as something vapid wannabe reality stars aspire to obtain. Particularly the ones who appear on Teen Mom, all of them hoping to make a profit from their mini-meal tickets.

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