Lice Brought Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber Closer Together

I guess when a couple falls ill together, it can help cement the bond they have together — just two people supporting and sharing in each other’s mutual pain and suffering. And according to Hailey Baldwin, there are specific ailments that really bring out the romance. Apparently, to Hailey Baldwin, the couple who gets lice together stays together.

Hailey Baldwin took to Instagram recently to announce that she and husband Justin Bieber managed to contract lice at the exact same time. And it seems to be the most romantic affliction ever, Hailey says.

“Most people find it gross, but I think it’s romantic that we have it at the same time.”

Ah, yes. So completely romantic. I guess there is a sense of sentimentality knowing that both of you have the same bloodsucking parasites infesting your scalps. And then there’s the joy of applying the doctor recommended scalp treatments to each other’s heads to exterminate the breeding vermin. What fun it must be to take a fine-tooth to your heads and see the nits come tumbling out. And let’s not forget the delight a couple can share as they religiously purify their entire living space and burning/destroying whatever can’t be saved from the infestation.

Yes, Hailey Baldwin evidently suffers from certain delusions of romanticism that can only appear in people who married too young and should have known better. No sensible couple in their 30s would take such enjoyment in a mutual lice affliction.

This whole situation also makes me wonder if the lice contraction served as the excuse Hailey needed to get a haircut to match Justin Bieber’s. So now they can match!

After all, if Hailey thinks that getting disgusting parasites with her spouse is the height of passion, the only thing that could possibly compare would have to be changing her look to become her husband’s identical twin.

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