Jennifer Aniston Once Roomed With a Ghost

So, an interesting tidbit about Jennifer Aniston. She used to have a ghost for a roommate! As someone who loves the creepy and bizarre, to me, this sounds awesome!  Yeah, okay, I’m a fucking weirdo, I admit it.

Anyway, when Jennifer Aniston first moved to California, she shared an apartment with a (human) roommate. And according to Aniston, some freaky s**t started going down in her apartment.

“This dishwasher would start to go, or the coffee-maker would start to go, or the stereo would just turn on at full volume. And it was terrifying.”

Aniston was so terrified by the strange goings on in her home that she enlisted a ghost whisperer to determine the problem. I assume this was the 90s, so I wonder if Ghost Whisperer was actually a service listed in the phone book? Well, it’s LA, I guess there are weirder occupations out there.

The medium paid a house call and did a thorough examination to determine what beastie was a-lurking. Well, the ghost made its presence (and apparent displeasure) known by cracking a plate of frankincense. Obviously, we have a ghost with a flair for dramatics.

The Ghost Whisperer reported that the ghost was pissed at Aniston’s roommate for unknown reasons. Aniston moved out without telling her roommate that a ghost had a vendetta against her and left her cursed roommate to an unknown fate.  Well, maybe not quite so unknown. Aniston was quick to reassure that her former roommate was “fine.”

I wonder though, maybe the ghost actually hated Aniston herself and started pulling s**t around the apartment to freak her out? If that was the goal, it certainly worked. And the former roommate is said to be okay. Maybe the former roommate and the ghost conspired to make Aniston move out, so the ghost went around the apartment scaring the s**t out of her to force her to leave! Then, the moment Aniston was gone, the old roommate and the ghost had a hearty laugh together over a bottle of scotch.

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