Nicki Minaj Boning Convicted Child Rapist

So, while nothing has been officially confirmed, the word is that Nicki Minaj is dating someone new. And she might also be engaged as she’s been spotted sporting a ring on the designated finger.  And who is this gentleman accompanying Nicki Minaj about town? A fellow who goes by the name of Kenneth “Zoo” Petty.

Okay, first of all, what the hell kind of a name is, “Zoo?” Like, how do you get a stupid fucking nickname like that? Where does that come even come from? Seriously, how do you start with “Kenneth” and end up with “Zoo?”

Insipid nicknames aside, there is a much bigger problem with Petty (not to ever be confused with the almighty and recently deceased musician, Tom Petty). He’s also a highly dangerous felon.

This creepy motherfucker is actually a convicted sex offender who was convicted of raping a 16-year-old girl back in 1995. And to make matters worse there is an appalling number of women out there (and by appalling, I mean more than zero) who have deigned to sleep with and reproduce with this piece of s**t. It turns out that Petty has managed to help produce five kids into existence.

This is not cool, Nicki Minaj. I hope to God you’re not dating let alone engaged to this scumbag. I mean, this guy wasn’t even just simply accused of rape; he was straight up convicted. He’s a registered sex offender. For life. What exactly does it take to get those internal warning sirens a-blaring? Seriously, Nicki, this guy will do nothing for your career, your reputation, or your overall well-being. Take the advice of your fans and ditch Fuckface McDickHead.

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