Drake Is Tipping McD’s Workers Like His Strippers

Well, here’s one thing I can actively praise Drake for. He is most definitely not a stingy tipper, not even at a fast food restaurant.

Drake was visiting a McDonald’s in Los Angeles this weekend where he generously tipped the two women employees working that day $100 each.

The original report that was going around was that Drake tipped the women $10,000, an incredible and unbelievable amount. This got a lot of fans talking on Twitter hoping that Drake might find it in his very rich heart to bestow such a generous tip on them as well:

And subsequently, since the original story sounded pretty unbelievable, that’s because it was. Because NBC4 LA reporter Chloe Melas and the McDonald’s location both have reported that Drake’s tips were in fact in the amount of $100 each.

But just because Drake didn’t bestow five figure tips doesn’t make the gesture any less altruistic. Good on him. Hell, just for the record, if Drake wanted to slip one hundred bucks to a hardworking freelance writer, this writer would not say no. Let me know, I do have a Venmo account.

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