Photobombing Everyone at the Oscars Worked and Now Fiji Water Girl Kelleth Cuthbert Is on a Soap Opera

kOh Fiji Water Girl, how we love you. No, wait, not love, the other thing. Even though she was probably the best part of the Golden Globes, Kelleth Cuthbert’s whole schtick of putting herself in every photo she could at the ceremony really reminded me of Kristen Schaal’s character on 30 Rock, Hazel Wassername and her crazy plots to get on TV and become famous. Except, you know, Kristen Schaal was funny and entertaining.

Cuthbert made a bunch of cameos on things in the first few days after the Golden Globes, and then we thought her fifteen minutes of fame were over and she could go back to posting sexy bikini pictures on Instagram in relative obscurity (we’ll get to those). But she just revealed she’s filmed a part on The Bold and the Beautiful, meaning she’s actually become an actress. Kind of.

According to Deadline, her episode will air February 6th and there’s no word on if she’ll be a recurring character or will return to obscurity afterwards until she goes all Margot Kidder and has a breakdown and runs onto the 99 naked throwing bottles of Fiji water at people.

Oh, I said we’d get back to the bikini pictures, didn’t I?

I have trouble believing she fell into the sand. She can’t keep her balance with feet that big? Come on. SHe’s just trying the adorkable thing.

I read a report the other day that people pretend to be sponsored on Instagram to raise their clout, and I have real trouble believing she was getting sponsors a month before anyone had ever heard of her.

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Thane Cawdor
Thane Cawdor
4 years ago

None more basic.

4 years ago

Golden Globes…