Sean McVay’s Girlfriend Might Be Why the Rams Made the Super Bowl

So, the Los Angeles Rams’ head coach, Sean McVay seems to be having a good year so far. Not only did the Rams make it to the Super Bowl, but McVay is also dating the lovely Veronika Khomyn whom the public thinks is pretty awesome and is bringing good luck to McVay and the Rams. Her appearance at games seems to garner more attention than the actual players, especially if you’re someone like me who couldn’t give less of a s**t about professional football. And I am here to answer some of your burning questions about who Veronika Khomyn is.

Where Is She From?

Khomyn was actually born in Ukraine, but was raised in Fairfax, Virginia. She even attended George Mason University.

How Old Is She?

She’s 28 years old. Sorry to disappoint any creeps out there, but this is a perfectly healthy relationship with a reasonable age difference (Sean McVay is 32 years old).

How Did She And Sean McVay Meet?

The two met in the Washington, DC area when Sean McVay was the tight ends coach for the Washington Redskins where he worked with head coach Mike Shanahan.

What Does She Do For A Living?

When she lived in Northern Virginia, Veronika had done some modeling work, but since moving to L.A., she appears committed to serving as the Rams’ lucky charm. And now that the Rams are in the Super Bowl, she seems to have done a pretty good job. That and she’s probably a pseudo-Instagram model. But then again, who isn’t?

How Did They End Up In Los Angeles?

Veronika decided to move from Virginia to Los Angeles with Sean after he was offered the head coaching position with the Rams which made him the youngest head coach in the NFL. It was definitely a wise move. Not just for the more prominent position, but even those of us who pay very little attention to the NFL, who know how much the Redskins suck.

Who Is That Delightful Creature In Veronika’s Pictures?!

That is Sean and Veronika’s dog, Kali. Kali has her own Instagram account which Veronika maintains, and it is fucking adorable. Seriously, though, the only thing that is cuter than this couple is this dog.

Really, if you love Instagrams that feature cute animals, go check out Kali’s account.

If you don’t, just keep checking out these hot pics of Khomyn.

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