Which Of These Beautiful Women Will Win ‘Sports Illustrated’s’ Model Search?

Awards season really is the most wonderful time of the year, although some awards are better than others. While not technically an award, Sports Illustrated’s annual model search is way more interesting than anything that’s going to happen at the Oscars. You think they an’t find someone to host because it’s so fun and interesting? No, it’s boring as s**t. Also, people won’t feign righteous indignation if you talk about breasts at the SI contest.

Let’s meet the contestants.

Brooks Nader

Jessica Aidi

Veronica Pomee

Raine Michaels

Erin Willerton

Manuela Alvarez

So who do we think is going to win? Well, SI says “The personalities, the ambition and the untapped potential are so exciting to introduce to the world,” which is code or “We can’t say they’re hot, but they’re hot. Seriously, just look at the personalities on these girls.”

Me, I think Raine Michaels is going to be the winner. She definitely has the best personalities.

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10 months ago

This site is so bull s**t!!! Where are the pictures??