Despite Horrifying ‘Aladdin’ Genie, Disney Is Considering a Live-Action ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’

Disney needs to be stopped. We’ve gotten our first look at Will Smith’s genie CGI in the upcoming live-action Aladdin movie, and it’s even worse than he looked before.

Look at that. That is not good. That looks like some kind of Twitter meme.

Yeah, it turns out that this guy was basically right.

Horrifying. It just proves that there’s no way for these live-action remakes to capture the spirit or vision of the original animated films, and if Disney is smart, they’ll stop making them.

Disney is not smart because rumor has it that they’re talking about a live-action version of The Nightmare Before Christmas. Via Moviehole:

There’s talk at Disney to “do something with “Nightmare Before Christmas” – probably a sequel but live-action possible” we’ve been informed (the tip comes from someone who has given Moviehole credible intent in the past; in particular, they were spot-on with the “Backdraft 2” scoop they offered us).

Can’t they just make some more Marvel movies? How about a Starjammers movie? They have a guy named Ch’od, that’ll be fun. How about NFL Superpro vs Paste Pot Pete (these are actual Marvel characters)? Or, I don’t know, a Fantastic Four movie that doesn’t suck balls? Think maybe we can do that before we have to say “No, not that one, the good one” when talking about Nightmare Before Christmas the way we do for Ghostbusters?

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