Meet BLACKPINK, the Hottest New K-Pop Band in North America

South Korea girl group BLACKPINK has just made their big debut in America, and they’re already killing it.

Yes, while BTS’s softboy Jungkook was wiping away tears watching Dolly Parton sing, the girls of BLACKPINK were getting ready to show K-Pop girl groups can have a little edge. A very demographically targeted, researched, rehearsed and focus-grouped edge. Still, they do kind of bop.

I like that one of them is wearing a shirt that says “Beyond Kawaii” which is Japanese for cute. It makes them seem like an all-girl Super Sentai team or something. They also call their fans “Blinks,” which is pretty catchy. Let’s meet the girls.


Jisoo is the leader, and she’s described as having a “4D” personality. That means she’s the quirky one.

See? Quirky.


Jennie is the rapper who wears expensive clothes which makes her the posh one. She also placed high on TC Candler’s most beautiful women list last year.


Lisa is the youngest member of the group, and she’s the dancer and the playful one. I’m not sure how playful and quirky are different, but I guess they are.

Man, that cat does not look happy to be in BLACKPINK.


Rosé was born in New Zealand and grew up in Australia before moving to Korea to be in a girl band. She’s clearly the hot one, because come on, look at her.

That’s your primer on BLACKPINK, so you know what the hell your 12-year-old niece is talking about next time you see her. Or your 30-year-old nephew with the Asian fetish.

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Joe Bloh
Joe Bloh
5 years ago

Those K-Pop boy bands are getting cuter.

5 years ago

Watch it muted. That makes it about a million times better.