Tekashi69 Could Head to Witness Protection, Where He Should Blend Right In

Tekashi69’s antics never fail to amuse me. I mean, aside from the child molesting. More like the lying about getting kidnapped and the whole thinking getting 69 tattooed on your face was a good idea. He really felt the need to take that eighth grade Twitter handle all the way to the grave, which very nearly happened a few months ago.

Well Daniel Hernandez, or 6ix9ine as he likes to be called, could find himself in witness protection soon, as TMZ reports he’s about to turn state’s evidence to avoid spending a minimum of 47 years in prison.

As we reported, the rapper cooperated with the feds and even testified before the Grand Jury. The U.S. Attorney in the Southern District of New York agreed “not to prosecute [69] for the crimes set forth in Counts One through Nine.”  So, various crimes are off the books. In addition, prosecutors agreed not to go after 69 for crimes he told prosecutors about but have not yet been charged.

The plea deal also says, “It is understood that the defendant’s cooperation is likely to reveal the activities of individuals and that witness protection may be required at a later date.” It sounds like that may be necessary, because 69’s testimony implicates hardened criminals accused of extremely violent crimes.

He could avoid prison entirely and just straight to witness protection, where no one will find him because he’s so nondescript. Who would have thought getting the number 69 tattooed on your face and throat could turn out to be a bad idea. But I have a feeling that Jim 6ix9ine the bait store owner in Boseman, Montana is going to blend in just fine and not get whacked after like three days because where do you hide with that stupid tattoo.

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