Rams QB Jared Goff Got Himself a Model Girlfriend, the Mark of a Future Hall of Famer

Jared Goff may not have beaten Tom Brady and his deflated balls in the Super Bowl, but he’s got him beat on the hot girlfriend front. As South Park taught us, Brady’s hot wife isn’t even that hot and kind of looks like a dude, but TMZ spotted Goff stepping out with Christen Harper, who doesn’t look like a dude at all.

TMZ Sports spotted the pair leaving Best Buy in Woodland Hills — and Jared didn’t object to our photog calling Christen his “girlfriend” … even thanking us for saying she looks great!!!

What kind of girl dates a Super Bowl losing quarterback? Let’s take a look.

She is a woman of few words. Some models put these personal essays next to their bikini photos, like talking about how much they miss their dog Buster or whatever, but not Christen Harper. She’s just like “here’s my tits, enjoy!”

Losing the Super Bowl has its perks. You still get the George Halas Trophy, even though it doesn’t look anywhere near as cool as it used to since Tiffany redesigned it to look like a half-empty football. Which would be more appropriate for the Patriots.

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