Gigi Hadid Lost Her S**t on a Fan on Twitter For No Reason

Over the Weekend, Gigi Hadid stopped to take a picture with a couple of fans, and one of them posted the pictures on Twitter. Cute, right?

I thought it was cute. Gigi flipped her s**t on the girl who posted it, though.

Yes, epic clapback against… nothing. Well done.

Apparently some people were making fun of how Hadid looked in the picture, I guess, but not the girl who posted them. This means pretty much just one thing, and that thing is that Gigi Hadid doesn’t know how Twitter works. She was either replying to the wrong person or thought the girl who posted the picture wrote all the replies. Either way, it’s always funny when someone says something exceptionally dumb while trying to insult someone else’s intelligence.

I mean, at least her rich parents weren’t dumb enough to try to bribe her way into a school she had no chance of getting into, they started her modelling at 2 and let her spend a semester at the hippie school Kerouac went to before dropping out to focus on being photographed half naked.

Hey, what were people “clowning” her about, anyway?

These are the only mean tweets I could find, and they’re not that mean. I’ve said way worse things about Gigi Hadid in this article. And I was going easy. And actually, a whole bunch of people said mean s**t about the girl who posted the picture for no reason, so well done Gigi. You really showed that teenage girl who’s boss.

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