John Legend Threw Chrissy Teigen Out For Talking During ‘Game of Thrones’

Sometimes people like to talk during TV shows. Like, you know, asking about the things that just happened or going “So wait, who is the killer?” at the beginning of the show as if you know any more than they do. We call these people women and clearly Chrissy Teigen is one of them, because her husband, John Legend, threw her and her friends out of his Game of Thrones viewing party.

“who ahh these people and where are they getting the swords to make these thrones?”

You know I don’t actually know why Chrissy Teigen is famous. Is it just for being basic and making good tweets?

She does have an adorable baby but may want to think about a different hairstyle because that baby is one glob of food under the nose away from being Baby Hitler.

Teigen gave some backstory on why she didn’t know what was going on.

Bitch, I don’t know who the killer is, either, we’re watching the same show. I don’t even think there is a killer, I’m pretty sure this is Steven Universe. No I don’t know why he has gemstone in his belly button. Maybe it’s a Jewish thing? I don’t know, the hair, I guess. Maybe we need to get you your own TV, honey.

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