No Matter What, Beyonce Still Made Out Better Than Ariana Grande

Reports started coming out on Friday that Ariana Grande was paid $8M for her Coachella performances while Beyonce was only paid $4M. That report was corrected saying both stars made $4M per performance. But between those 4 hours of initial reports and the correction, Beyonce fans were breathlessly tweeting their disbelief.

As we soon found out, Ariana could have been paid three times as much as Beyonce but it wouldn’t have mattered because Beyonce flipped her own Coachella performance into a $60M three project deal with Netflix. And if we’re forcing two famous singers to complete for imaginary internet points based on how rich and famous they are, then it wasn’t even a fair fight to begin with. Ariana may be as popular as The Beatles, but Beyonce has a legacy spanning almost three decades. Plus, Ariana isn’t about to drop a 40 track album on the same day as her Netflix special. She can barely get Nicki Minaj’s mic to work.

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