What the Hell is Going On With This Creepy Virtual Colonel Sanders?

If there’s one thing brands love now, it’s pretending to be people on social media. Like how Sunny D pretended to be depressed.

And the account is supposed to be the anthropomorphized embodiment of Sunny D.

Today’s horrifying brand is the new virtual “sexy” Colonel Sanders. This is what we need, a fast food mascot trying to make your single aunt wet.

Okay, more fast food mascots trying to make your single aunt wet.

I don’t know who is writing the Instagram posts to accompany this Sims 4 screenshot, but I hate it. But hey, it gets worse.

What the hell even is this? KFC is running ads for TurboTax? What’s next, are they going to have a Magic: The Gathering spoiler card tomorrow?

By the way, just in case your forgot, here’s what Harland Sanders actually looked like.

What he doesn’t look like is the worse side quest in Red Dead Redemption 2.

I actually made fried chicken for dinner tonight, and you know what doesn’t go in fried chicken? Corn, tomato and is that a kiwi?

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