‘Influencer’ With Nearly 3 Million Followers Couldn’t Influence 36 of Them to Buy a Shirt

Influencer is basically just a polite term for thot. Find me a single influencer who doesn’t have an Instagram full of pictures of themselves in a tiny bathing suit. But do any of the people who follow these influencers care about what they have to say, or are hey just there to ogle.

Let’s look at arii, who has 2.6 million followers on Instagram.

I feel like I’m not great at this because those tiny swimsuit pictures made me think people are there because they care what she has to say, but when arii tried to start a clothing brand, it failed because the company producing the clothes wouldn’t fulfill orders for fewer than 36 pieces.

36 is about .000014% of 2.6 million. It’s around one in 100,000 people she needed to buy a shirt, but that is not why people are there, apparently.

None of her posts even have more than like, two words except for one about 9-11, which I’m pretty sure happened before she was even born.

At least Chrissy Teigen is funny.

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