Olivia Jade Giannulli Just Wants to Get Back to Being Rich and Famous

The past few months have been hard on Olivia Jade Giannulli, what with her parents being caught up in a massive college admission scandal because she was too busy posting YouTube makeup tutorials to get into college. But according to Us Weekly, she just wants to put this whole thing behind her and get back to being rich and famous for doing basically nothing.

“Olivia has been emotional in the midst of all of this and definitely wants to make a comeback and still wants to be a beauty influencer,” a source tells Us Weekly. “She understands she needs to hide out for now and lay low, but she’s anxious to be back in the spotlight again and thinks that over time she’ll be able to come back.”

Man, who are the sources Us Weekly is talking to? They seem to know basically everything she says. I have no way of knowing this, but I think it’s mostly her. I think it was definitely her who said she was a good girl who wanted to go back to the college she didn’t give a s**t about, at least. There’s no way this isn’t at least being coordinated by her PR people.

Shortly after the Full House alum, 54, and the fashion designer, 55, were named and charged in March for reportedly paying “bribes totaling $500,000″ in order to get Olivia, 19, and Bella, 20, “designated as recruits to the USC crew team” despite them never playing the sport, many of Olivia’s career ties were cut, including her work with Sephora.

The thing is, I’m not sure people actually care about this. Olivia and her mother Lori Loughlin got fired from basically all of their jobs over this, but I haven’t seen anyone on social media or on the news who was actually mad about it. Which is to say there’s no real reason she couldn’t get back to being famous for no reason. Lots of celebrities have done way worse than this and continue to be famous. Mel Gibson is still making movies, after all.

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