Emily Ratajkowski Got a Tramp Stamp of Her Own Name

Legends of Tomorrow star and super hottie Caity Lotz has a tattoo of her last name on her foot, which I always thought was strange.

I could never figure this out. I thought maybe it was in case she couldn’t remember what it was and she could look down and remember, but it would be facing the other way if that was the intent. My current working theory is it’s so no one tries to pass off her feet as the feet of a politician.

By the way, searching Instagram for pictures of an actress’s feet for non-creepy reasons still feels kind of creepy.

The own-name tattoo trend seems to be spreading from TV action stars to models and from feet to lower backs, because Emily Ratajkowski just got a tramp stamp of her own name.

I really don’t know who this is for. I guess it’s nice to know if you’re doing Emily Ratajkowski from behind that you’ve got the genuine article, but let’s be real, that isn’t going to come up for me or anyone reading this.

She should have gotten the belly button as a tramp stamp, honestly. You don’t want to miss that just because ou’re on the wrong side.

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