Michael Che Spent an Entire Day Obsessing Over Mild Criticism From a Former ‘Kimmel’ Writer

As long as I’ve worked here, I’ve only had one celebrity take issue with me making fun of them, and that was the late Margot Kidder who wanted to make it very clear she was crazy and not on pills. I am totally looking forward to the second one which is probably going to happen today after SNL co-head writer Michael Che spent all day obsessing over a former Jimmy Kimmel writer for taking issue with a strange clause in SNL’s submission disclaimer.

So the clause that they’re absolved from stealing your submitted ideas is standard boilerplate in case you’re watching and you go “Hey, I submitted a pitch for Donald Trump singing ‘I Fought the Law’ while Robert Mueller breakdances outside his prison cell, I’m going to sue!” The thing about everything on your social media is really fucking weird and unusual, though.

Anyway, Michael Che lost his entire goddamn mind for an entire day about this tweet.

Yeah, he kept posting to his Instagram Story which is really strange.

Yeah, they’re doing a bang-up job at SNL right now.

God, that is by far the worst thing I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen that movie where John Wayne played Genghis Khan. I would not be even a little bit surprised if they were scouring Twitter for ideas if this is the stuff that makes it to air.

Keep in mind that basically the only thing Allison has said before Che made all these posts was “SNL’s submission rules are weird.”

And of course, the ever-present “I feel like blacklisting people who criticize me is entirely reasonable” makes an appearance after too long.

If you’re not familiar with him, Jack Allison got into a bit of a thing on Twitter a few months ago after writer Sarah Watson said that saying you didn’t like a movie on social media could hurt your chances of getting staffed because it could have been written by a friend of a showrunner. Seriously.

Jose Molina then immediately proved his point.

This is likely what Che is talking about.

Allison had the last laugh, because here’s the video he tweeted.

Based on what we learned about Che I fully expect him to go off about what an asshole I am.

I know what you’re thinking; why would Michael Che give even the tiniest f**k what you think about him? And I have no idea, but there’s no way that dude doesn’t have multiple Google alerts for his own name. I will personally be devastated by this attention, so please, Michael Che, don’t go on an Instagram Story rant about how mad you about this article. We need you to focus on writing those super funny cold opens that no one thinks are hacky and lame and that totally get laughs from people who aren’t drunken 50-year-old women with “Still With Her” bumper stickers.

Allison’s Struggle Session co-host revealed the damage that Che’s wrath had brought on them.

Please, we don’t want any part of that, Michael.

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5 years ago

Is anyone actually capable of following this? Haven’t been this confused since high school calculus.

Jeremy Guerrido
Jeremy Guerrido
5 years ago

And you spend your life obsessing over other people’s lives