Travis Scott Cereal Sells Out in 30 Second

I remember the days when you had to be an Olympic hero or a cartoon character to have your own cereal. Mark Spitz, Doug Flutie, Fred Flintstone and Fruit Brute got cereals. Singers didn’t get cereals. There were no Gordon Gan-Os or Frosted Flakes of Freddy Mercury or Moby Grape-Nuts when I was a kid.

Things are different now, though, and Travis Scott, at least, has his own cereal. Honey Bunches of Travis Scott. They’re actually Reese’s Puffs in a custom box designed by Scott, and if you were paying close attention to the Reese’s Puffs twitter account, you could have had the chance to buy a box for only $60.

Wait, what the hell? People actually paid $60 for a box of a cereal? And I thought Magic: The Gathering players were nuts, but at least that overpriced cardboard doesn’t attract bugs if you leave it on a shelf. Just nerds.

Yeah, it’s a “limited edition” mass-produced box of cereal that people spent $60 on, at least.

Much like Magic: the Gathering cards, people were immediately scalping them, as well.

It’s a box of cereal.It’s not even a good one like Bruddah Iz Toast Crunch or Weenabix or Cardi Bran (with two giant scoops).

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