A$AP Rocky Arrested Over Sweden Streetfight

A$AP Rocky has been arrested for assault after tossing and beating a guy in Sweden on Sunday. According to A$AP, two guys were following them for four blocks saying they broke their headphones. Video posted by A$AP shows how the headphones were broken. Over the face of A$AP’s security. Yea, I’d be pretty pissed too that his security’s head was so damn hard.

A$AP and his crew kept telling the two to stop following them. Soon, another woman stepped in to say the 2 guys slapped her and her girlfriend’s ass. That’s when the fight started. A police report was filed and Swedish police are actively investigating.

It’s pretty clear in the video A$AP posted that he and his people did everything they could to get away from the 2 drunks. Although, flinging him to the ground and going 4 on 1 was a little overboard. But then again, a drug addict smashed his headphones on his security’s face, demanded he pay for them and wouldn’t stop following him. What did he expect was going to happen? An apology, flowers and a gift card to Best Buy?

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