Jessica Alba’s Twitter Account Got Hacked, Racist Tweets Fooled No One

Here’s your periodic reminder to secure your social media accounts. And just accounts in general. You should be doing things like two-factor authentication, a password that isn’t just ‘password1’ and not clicking on links in e-mails that say “We are very much to be needing your passwords in the preventing of the frauds.”

These are all things Jessica Alba didn’t do, because her Twitter account was very clearly hacked in Saturday night. How obviously hacked?

That obviously hacked. Saying the n-word and saying Hitler was right and rape is good hacked.

It also linked to this Instagram account which has one picture of a cloud that kind of looks like Godzilla.

The tweets were deleted but so far there hasn’t been a peep from Alba or her team about it, not even the standard “I’m sorry for the offensive messages but clearly my account was compromised.”

I do like to think there was one sad, lonely racist out there who saw these hacked tweets and was filled with joy, going “finally, someone is telling the truth about how retarded f*****s did 9/11” only to have his little heart crushed when the tweets were deleted. Quite a rollercoaster of emotion for that theoretical dipshit.

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