Kevin Spacey Is So Going to Skate on That Sexual Assault Charge

Kevin Spacey has spent his career grabbing dicks with impunity, and it looks like his past hasn’t caught up to him just yet. The New York Times is reporting that Spacey might get off scot free in his criminal case from grabbing a young man’s dick eight times.

A judge said on Monday that a sexual assault case against the actor Kevin Spacey could be dismissed after the young man who accused Mr. Spacey of fondling him invoked the Fifth Amendment during a hearing over his missing phone.

The man was asked to testify on Monday regarding text messages he sent and received on the night in July 2016 that he encountered Mr. Spacey at a Nantucket restaurant.

If you’re not up to speed here, the texts on the phone are being used as evidence in the trial and Spacey’s lawyers have asked to inspect them to check for deleted or exculpatory texts and the phone has gone missing.

After the lawyer, Alan Jackson, told the man that he could be charged with a felony for deleting evidence, the man invoked his constitutional right to protect himself from self-incrimination.

This is not looking great for him. Maybe he did text his girlfriend “I think it’s awesome that Keyser Soze is giving me a squeezer” and deleted it, who knows. The alleged victim’s mother claimed she deleted some messages, but none of them were relevant to the case.

Spacey isn’t out of the woods yet, though. Variety reported that he was recently interviewed by Scotland Yard in relation to allegations of sexual assault while he was the director of the Old Vic in London.

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