Lori Loughlin is Ready To Plead Out, If She Can Stay Out of Prison

Full House

A new report from Us Weekly says that Lori Loughlin is looking to take a plea in the college admissions scandal she’s caught up in, provided that plea involves no jail time. Which to me seems reasonable given she basically did nothing and anyone calling for her head has some seriously messed up priorities.

Now, the actress “has asked her lawyer to negotiate a plea deal that would involve no jail time, but home confinement with monitoring via ankle monitor,” an insider exclusively reveals in the new issue of Us Weekly. “She’s willing to pay a substantial fine, over $2 million.”

Two millions dollars and house arrested is a pretty big punishment for putting the wrong name on your bribe. And the prosecutors still apparently want to hammer her.

Unfortunately for Loughlin, it’s too little, too late. At this point, says the insider, “any deal would involve significant jail time.”

Insane. Let me tell you a little bit about financial crimes. According to Bloomberg, HSBC paid a $1.9 billion dollar fine for laundering money for Latin American drug cartels, but no one spent a second in a jail cell. Laundering money for drug cartels isn’t worth sending anyone to jail, but paying the wrong person to let your idiot kid get into a good school requires significant jail time.

This is the same s**t they pulled on Martha Stewart. Seriously, look at the list of things banks got fines for in that Bloomberg article. Tax evasion, violating sanctions and money laundering on a gigantic scale, no one ever even saw the inside of a jail cell, but Martha Stewart did five months in lock-up hundreds of miles from her family for no reason for obstruction of justice on a crime she wasn’t even found guilty of.

How about we slap Lori Loughlin on the wrist and then throw Mark Zuckerberg in jail for his wanton disregard for the law instead of just fining him less than he made by breaking said laws?

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