Mr. T Is Going to War With a Weed Company

Mr. T is known for a number of things, all of them from the 1980s: The A-Team, playing Clubber Lang in Rocky III, a terrible Saturday morning cartoon and being in an anti-drug PSA.

Unlike most of the people who did those “don’t do drugs” PSAs in the 80s, Mr. T hasn’t bought any marijuana dispensaries or hemp farms. And he’s sticking with the whole “drugs are bad, mmmkay” thing by suing a weed company called Leafly over a strain of cannabis called “Mrt” or “Mr. Tusk,” according to TMZ.

This is true, there’s basically nothing Mr. T won’t lend his name to.

As for Leafly, they’re not backing down.

A rep for Leafly tells us, “We pity the absurdity of this claim.”

Yeah, now I’m on Mr. T’s side, that was terrible.

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