Weed Catapult Found At US Mexican Border

No wonder Trump hates Mexicans. They are way smarter than he will ever be.

On February 10th, U.S. border patrol agents discovered a giant makeshift catapult mounted to a fence in Tucson, Arizona. Agents later found 47 pounds of packaged weed in the area.


The device, made of rope, square tubing, and a heavy spring, was seized by Mexican authorities after the US agents took it apart.

Though this method may have been effective, all these MacGyver motherfuckers deserve some kind of award for all the creative ways they are getting pot into the US. In 2016 alone, huge amounts of weed were discovered inside coconuts, disguised as limes, and even inside hollow carrots.


[H/T Complex]

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robert franklin stroud
robert franklin stroud
5 years ago

Your delusion is noted.
TRUMP went to Wharton, a school that “brilliant” failed candidate Hillary could not get into.

The problem is ILLEGAL immigration. Are you too stupid to know that is different from LEGAL immigration or do you need me to drive the answer into your head with a catapult?

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