Popular 14-Year-Old YouTuber Got Her Account Removed for Being a Sad Excuse for a Human

14-year-old Soph had almost a million followers before YouTube terminated her account. Her often racist videos gained her a following of the easiest manipulated group of people, the alt-right. But, an anti-LGBTQ video uploaded at the end of July was the last straw for YouTube. It would be Soph’s 3rd strike in 90 days leading to the shutdown of her channel.

The video that got her banned asked followers to mention her in their manifestos, a reference to the Christchurch shooter. Other idiotic things she’s done include threatening to murder YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki which got her the gift of an investigation, wearing a hijab while spewing anti-Muslim rhetoric and reading off a script her parents wrote for her so they can milk as much money as they can from the gullible alt-right through merch and donations.

Soph says she isn’t political at all and claims what she does is satire. And it is in the way a 14-year-old defines satire which is basically shouting things like the n-word and giggling about it because adults can’t handle their edginess.

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4 years ago

Have some more soy, “bob”. Jealousy is a dangerous bedmate, and you smell like old fish.