Singer Camila Cabello Hit Back at Body Shamers

Camila Cabello is super hot. How hot is she?

She’s that hot. And yet she’s clearly not immune to body shaming becauseĀ  over the weekend she posted a rant about being body shamed to her Instagram Story.

It’s a pretty standard “we photoshop everything so girls have body image issues” statement like South Park made years ago.

She’s not wrong, and Cabello is really fit, if she doesn’t fit your idea of beauty, you might want to rethink that.

If we’re going to fat-shame someone, can it at least be someone fat? How about Brian Dennehy? Not only is he tough enough to take it in stride, but he’s also not up to much lately. Sure, he’s on The Blacklist, but has anyone actually seen that?

Brian Dennehy is a national treasure, yes, but he also way fatter than Camila Cabello, and if someone comments about him being fat he’s just going to say “I’m trying to eat a dozen hamburgers here, buddy, f**k off.” Or he might just punch you. He’s old and fat but he’s still spry.

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