Ariel Winter Is Here to Remind You About Her Boobs

What is Ariel Winter going ot do after Modern Family calls it quits? Hopefully, continue posting cleavage shots on Instagram.

Not much backstory to this, so let’s just say it’s a Friday gift from Winter to you.

Winter recently told Shape how she had to get over depression from all the body shaming people did.

“I’ve faced body shaming and cyber bullies for about seven or eight years now that I’ve been in the spotlight. At 11 years old, I started working on the show and I was super flat and had no curves and was getting hate for that. Then overnight, my body changed and I was this curvy woman. I didn’t know how to navigate that and got so much hate for it. It was really hurtful, and I struggled a lot. I tried to crash diet to lose weight to try to fit the standard of what I thought everyone wanted me to look like…I definitely wasn’t making myself any happier. It led to a lot of depression and anxiety. But now I’m at the point where I’ve stopped reading Instagram comments. I do what I want, I post what I want, and I say what I want. I don’t focus on pleasing anyone else but myself.”

She also touches on that boob reduction surgery she had:

I got a lot of confused people after my surgery being like, ‘Well, you’re trying to tell people to love their bodies just the way they are, but you got a breast reduction’, and you know, the thing is, my body was great back then but I did something because I felt it was better for me. I had back problems, and I felt I wasn’t right in my own skin, so I made the change for me.

Fight depression, tell Ariel Winter that her boobs are amazing.

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