Beyoncé Wants to Trademark Daughter Blue Ivy, Calls Her a ‘Cultural Icon’

I know you think your kid is extra cute and extra special and way better than everyone else’s kid, but I regret to inform you that no one gives a s**t. I know, all your friends like all your Instagram posts about how you’re raising an indigo child or whatever, but they don’t actually care.

Even if you’re Beyoncé, no one gives a s**t about your kid, they’re just a kid. Which is why I think I sprained something rolling my eyes when Beyoncé called her 7-year-old daughter Blue Ivy a “cultural icon” during her attempt to trademark the tot’s name despite resistance from a wedding planning business called Blue Ivy.

Via Page Six:

The Emmy-nominee went on to call her 7-year-old daughter a “cultural icon” while taking a few shots at Morales’ company, calling it a “small business, with just three regional offices and a handful of employees.” She also mentioned its “weak online presence and poorly subscribed social media accounts.”

Give me a fucking break here. Her argument here is even though Wendy Morales is already the Blue Ivy mark for her business, Beyoncé should get it because she’s more famous. I kind of understand why her fans are the way they are now.

On top of that, the trademark office has previously denied an application for a trademark on Blue Ivy’s name when she was a baby. Thanks probably why Beyoncé is trying to claim a 7-year-old is a cultural icon.

Blue Ivy isn’t even famous. Her parents are famous. She has accomplished nothing, because she’s seven. No seven-year-old has accomplished anything ever. The world’s most successful seven-year-old still just learned to wipe their own ass and can’t do long division. They absolutely cannot be an icon.

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