Kim Kardashian and Kendall Jenner Got Laughed at During Their Emmys Presentation

Poor Kim Kardashian and Kendall Jenner. Once they step outside their carefully constructed reality TV bubble, that’s when the real reality hits them. And it’s not comfortable.

The two sisters presented the Emmy for Best Reality Competition Program. Kim started off their speech with “our family knows firsthand how truly compelling television comes from real people, just being themselves.” That’s when you could hear the unmistakable sound of derisive laughter from the audience.

How about another angle?

Yea, this family is fake and the idea of their reality show coming from “real people” is absurd, but do they really deserve our scorn? Ask yourself: How many prisoners did you get released today? How many domes that could possibly save civilization did you build? Did you turn your sex tape into a billion dollar enterprise?

We always laugh at the true geniuses who are way ahead of their time. I, for one, am waiting for the Kardashians to get their Lifetime Emmys award one day.

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