See Pete Davidson’s Girlfriend Margaret Qualley’s Sexy Instagram Snaps

They say that women are most attracted to men who make them laugh, but Pete Davidson is proving that wrong by somehow continuing to date beautiful women in spite of, well, I mean… have you caught a recent episode of Saturday Night Live?

Pete’s latest paramour, who he was spotted at the Venice Film Festival with, is Margaret Qualley, a former ballerina and debutante who is also the daughter of Andie MacDowell.

How does this guy keep pulling these gorgeous women? He looks like a 40-year-old undercover cop and tells jokes about as well as a 40-year-old undercover cop. By the way, 40-year-old cop jokes go something like this; “Did you hear the one about the unarmed black teenager? I murdered him in cold blood and the only punishment I got was two weeks paid administrative leave.”

Pete Davidson had to have like, gone down to the crossroads like Robert Johnson and sold his soul for the ability to date women like this, right? “No, I don’t want any talent, just to be surrounded by beautiful and talented women for no discernible reason. Maybe they think I’m deep or something.”

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4 years ago

Nothing special about her.