Chrissy Teigen Wanted a Normal Tacky Tattoo, Came Away Looking Like a Holocaust Survivor

Maybe the number one thing on the list of things you’re going to get in trouble for is making light of the Holocaust. I mean, unless you’re making Hogan’s Heroes, in which case go nuts, people loved that show about the incompetent guards in the Nazi prison camp.

Now, I am positive that Chrissy Teigen just wanted a cute tattoo to remind her of her family and settled on her, her husband’s and her two kid’s birthdays. It’s a cute idea, maybe up on your bicep with a heart around it, right? Wouldn’t that be adorable? What she did get was a series of numbers tattooed on the inside of her forearm.

Again, I am positive that Teigen never realized for a second that she had marched (goose-stepped?) into a tattoo parlor and asked for a Dachau Special.

This really does seem like the sort of thing a tattoo artist should catch. Like, day one of tattoo school class should be “no strings of numbers on the inside of the forearm and no penises on the face of someone who is passed out drunk.”

Honestly, I think Teigen’s only real play here is to become a Holocaust-denier. It’s probably preferable to being this level of uninformed. When anyone brings it up just say “That’s a myth, Hitler just wanted to get all the Jews in one place to throw them a big party.” It worked for Mel Gibson,

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