Jamie Foxx has a Secret Model Girlfriend

Jamie Foxx seems to be hiding his new girlfriend, which doesn’t make any sense because she’s a model who is half his age. If I was dating a model who was half my age, I would tell absolutely everyone. In fact, I do tell everyone that, which pisses off my girlfriend but does buy me the respect of gullible horny strangers.

Radar Online caught Foxx, 51, out with his new lady friend Dana Caprio, age 26, who is, to put it mildly, an upgrade over his former girlfriend Katie Holmes. Just for starters, Caprio didn’t agree to be Tom Cruise’s beard to help her career.

See, why would you hide that you’re dating her?

Everyone knows black and white = classy.

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4 years ago

Jamie Foxx is secretly engaged since 2018 to woman name Shannon and Katie Holmes is aware of it the whole wedding this woman for the longest. It will soon be reveal very soon watch. Katie and Jamie wasn’t never together it was a fwb ordeal open agreement why he never and even her never confirmed anything they knew the terms. The reveal is coming soon…he is super private and definitely kept it under wraps cause he don’t want anything to ruin it. With this new woman of week rumor floating around its caused a lot of argument. Because he have… Read more »