Katie Holmes Drops Jamie Foxx Because He Was Embarassed To Be Seen With Her

After being forced to keep their love a secret due to an alleged contract from Tom Cruise (yes, this was a real thing), Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx are openly splitting up just before a possible wedding.

Radar Online reports Holmes could not get over her trust issues with Foxx.

Holmes was hoping the two would have more public outings once the Cruise Clause expired, but that wasn’t the case. They continued to arrive separate to events, including Foxx’s 50th birthday party.

A source claims that Jamie is the one who’s insisted on maintaining the “we’re just friends” facade, and that it finally became “humiliating” for Katie.

The final straw was Foxx going out with Kristin Grannis, mother to his 8-year-old daughter Annalise. The two were spotted at Leonardo DiCaprio’s birthday party in November, at lunch in L.A. in February, and at another L.A. lunch in April. Not like they share a kid or anything. Foxx was also seen bar hopping in New York and L.A.

“She had hoped that she and Jamie’s now-infamous walk on the beach would be the first of many public outings,” says the source, “but he still wanted to keep things hidden and status quo — even as he’s seen out with other women.”

“It rubbed Katie the wrong way,” the source told Radar exclusively. “It was hard for her not to feel jealous and worry about cheating, especially since Jamie’s a major flirt.”

Prior to the wedding, Holmes wanted Foxx to sign a “no cheating” clause in their prenup. Isn’t that to be, like, expected when you marry someone? Foxx didn’t sign because a smart free agent always gives himself a player option.

The breakup wasn’t dramatic. Katie is already going on dates with some New York lawyer and Foxx is probably in a hot tub with three models as I type this. If we’ve learned anything from Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson, it’s that Holmes will be engaged by this time next week.

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