Jake Paul is Being Sued For Allegedly Swiping his Novelty Christmas Song ‘Litmas’

I’m normally the first person to side against Jake Paul because he’s a useless douchebag and I hate him. Like I honestly have a hard time thinking of anyone who sucks as bad as Jake Paul; maybe Harvey Weinstein, but even so, he produced a bunch of Kevin Smith and Quentin Tarantino movies while Jake Paul has no redeeming qualities at all.

But Jake is being sued for allegedly stealing his Christmas song ‘Litmas’ and I have serious doubts that this is true. I mean, if he stole the song, it would probably be good, right? Is Jake Paul dumb enough to be the kid who copies his answers from the second-dumbest kid in class?

I mean, yeah, okay, he’s totally that dumb.

Also it’s just a shitty remix of ‘Carol of the Bells,’ who gives a s**t?

That was so bad I only made it halfway through and then I had to switch to ‘Christmas in Hollis’ to fight off the urge to ho-ho-hang myself.

See, that’s how it’s done Jake Paul.

Here’s what TMZ reported about the lawsuit.

The backing music is just a remix of ‘Carol of the Bells,’ I wasn’t even joking about that. Why did it take them over two years to put that out? And then another two years to bring the lawsuit.

Jake Paul gave a statement about it to TMZ through a rep and it uses the word “frivolous” about a dozen times, so they’re clearly not worried about it.

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