Lori Loughlin’s Daughter Olivia Jade is Back on YouTube

Things aren’t going great for Lori Loughlin. She’s reportedly really getting put through the wringer in preparation for her trial. I’ll bet she wishes she had just taken the 14 days Felicity Huffman got.

And while Loughlin has been banished from Hallmark and Fuller House, her daughter Olivia Jade, the dumbass she had to bribe into college, has started her comeback with a short YouTube video, her first in months.

The video hit #1 trending on YouTube and got almost 3 million views in the first day the video was online.

According to People, Olivia had to clear her return with her parents and their legal team.

“Olivia is very happy to be back,” a source tells PEOPLE. “And relieved — she really has been thinking for months about when she could return. It was never a question if she would return, it was always about when was the appropriate time.”

According to the source, “Olivia got the clear from her parents and their lawyer team.”

“She was coached about what she was allowed to say,” the source adds. “She carefully followed a script. She seems very excited about starting up her vlog again.”

She doesn’t actually say much of anything in the two minute video, just that she can’t talk about her parents’ court case and she’s excited to be back on YouTube. It feels a lot like one of those video JonTron posts every so often about why he doesn’t update his channel more often. But less interesting because JonTron isn’t in it.

i guess what I’m saying is skip this and go watch some JonTron videos, he’s funny.

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