Adam F. Goldberg Wants to Write a Movie About Stealing the Snyder Cut

As middlebrow family sitcoms go, The Goldbergs is probably the best one airing on network TV right now. Sure it gets kind of sappy in the third act but it has a lot of charm and Jeff Garlin is hilarious. Not as funny as he is in Curb Your Enthusiasm, but jokes about how he looks like Harvey Weinstein wouldn’t really work in the 80s setting.

The reason the show works is because Adam F Goldberg, who is not the Hebrew Hammer, is a pretty good writer who can balance comedy and drama in an entertaining way.

This makes him a good choice to write a sequel to the the cult nerd film Fanboys about a group of nerdy losers who are somehow friends with Kristen Bell that set off on a cross-country trip to get their dying friend a private screening of Star Wars: The Phantom Menace.

That’s such a depressing concept for a film; not only are you dying of cancer but you’re going to live just long enough to see the second-worst Star Wars movie. There’s no way your last words aren’t “fucking Midicholorians, man. Why?” In fact it was so depressing that studio interference turned it into a steaming load of garbage by cutting out the cancer subplot with reshoots and then trying to restore it at the last minute.

Goldberg tweeted his interest in writing the script in response to a joke that he was attached to the project, which doesn’t actually exist… yet.

It’s kind of a shame this will probably never get made as Kristen Bell’s salary alone would probably be more than any studio would be willing to pay for a sequel to a box office and critics failure like Fanboys. But the concept of stealing the Snyder cut of Justice League is pretty intriguing, and it’s something I could see Goldberg doing.

And Goldberg later seemingly confirmed that this is something that he is actually at least in talks about.

It would be a really interesting story if a joke tweet from a twitter account with “parody” as the first word in their profile lead to a real sequel to a cult film being made. Very 2020 vibes.

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