Iskra Lawrence Isn’t Just a Model, She’s a Role Model

It’s not hard to see why Iskra Lawrence is the hottest plus-sized model in the world right now.

The model recently talked to Teen Vogue about being a “role model” for the Aerie clothing brand.

“Aerie really embraces exactly who you are right now, and they’re also willing to help you grow and evolve and support you through those journeys as well,” Iskra told Teen Vogue.

Personally, I think this is just woke branding: just like the ‘I’d Like To Buy The World a Coke’ ad was trying to get hippies and people scared of the Cold War to buy sugar water, Aerie’s main goal is selling overpriced clothes and and social food is secondary.

But Iskra looks good in those clothes so who cares.

This is what Iskra Lawrence’s untouched ass really looks like though.

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