Kaia Gerber is Focusing on Modeling Now That She’s Escaped Pete Davidson’s Clutches

Kaia Gerber finally broke up with Pete Davidson after what seems like forever but was probably only about a month. Now the newly single 18-year-old is focusing on her modeling.

Wow, it’s working pretty well.

You know, I’m never one to judge age gaps in romances, as far as I’m concerned, as long as you’re both adults then have at it. But when I found out Gerber was 18 I thought it was a little strange she was dating Davidson, who I was entirely sure was like 50 but is actually 26.

According to Page Six, the reason the couple broke up is that Davidson is a nester and that didn’t work for Gerber who isn’t even old enough to drink yet.

A source told us, “It got very overwhelming for Kaia. Pete has a certain M.O. and he’s very intense to his girlfriends. Kaia is only 18 and it’s a lot to deal with.”

Honestly, I can relate. If I was an unattractive as Davidson, and I am, I would absolutely lock down the gorgeous model I was dating.

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